What was the best thing you ever saw on a trip?


That’s a hard question. I haven’t seen many places. Still, to pick a special one is difficult. I enjoyed The Golden Arch in Missouri. Our family went there after coming back from Lake of the Ozarks. I like the way you’re mechanically driven to the top of the arch. If a person were claustrophobic, it could be frightening. Then, you’re at the top of the Arch. This is where all my children and their father were up against the windows looking down. I stood in the middle of the floor because of my fear of heights. I could still see out the windows. It didn’t help knowing that the wind moves the Arch back and forth. I was glad to get out of the mechanical elevator. At the same time, I enjoyed the new experience.golden arch

Once we came down, we visited the Go West! museum. It is underneath the arch. It is really fascinating. I don’t remember all the exhibits. I do remember a teepee, one of those coaches which traveled with the mail and travelers. It’s really a big museum. It takes a while to walk through and appreciate all the items.



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