Describe the happiest day of your life.


I’ve been made a grandmother four times. I have to say that welcoming a newborn into the world is an especially happy day. Each time was unique because every baby looked differently, moved differently and came with different circumstances that can only fit their birth date. For example, we bought our first cellphone two hours before the arrival of our first grand baby. By the way, it was a boy. I am smiling while writing this because he was the prettiest baby boy I had seen in my whole life. The nurse  yelled, “he’s got big feet!” Then, she laughed. Her humorous response humbled me. For the first baby’s arrival we bought our first cellphone. We needed a way for our son to find us anywhere at any time. The cellphone did the trick. He phoned us in plenty of time for us to get back to the hospital. We wanted not to miss a moment.

Skipping to the third grand baby she came on a very special day. I rocked her while looking at President Obama’s inauguration. While the mother slept, my husband, my son’s mother-in-law and my son commented about what the First Lady was wearing, what the first children were doing in the stands and how President Obama’s words were historical. He was the first Black President. It was a historical day for the Norman family too. It was our first grand baby girl. What a moment! After holding all those boys, I now could hold a baby girl. I can still see her grandfather, my husband holding her in his arms. He couldn’t hide his joy. We passed her around. Once she was in our arms it was very hard to let her go. My son took time to go to a quick class and learn how to fold her baby blanket snugly.

It’s amazing how those long ago moments still live in my heart and make me smile. Even now it’s hard to stop smiling. Too fast the baby days fly away. The babies sprout like Jack’s Beanstalk, and I can only pull the days back by remembering them. Perhaps, I will live to see each one graduate from high school and college. Boy, I will smile and laugh uncontrollably. Life has been good, and Life is still  good.


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